Next Day Printed Tees Corporate Philosophies

THE PURPOSE OF Next Day Printed Tees is to honorably serve the needs of the community by providing products and services of superior quality at fair prices to our customers. To do this we need to earn an adequate profit required for growth. This provides an opportunity for our employees and shareholders to achieve reasonable personal objectives.

THE CORPORATE OBJECTIVES are to assure fulfillment of our purpose and achieve the goals of our long-term plans. Additionally, Next Day Printed Tees has dedicated itself towards the achievement of professionalism, pride in workmanship, guaranteed customer satisfaction and community involvement.

Corporate Philosophies

 - To serve every customer better than our competitors with products and services of excellent value and quality, and thereby earning continued enthusiastic trust and support.

People - To treat each employee with dignity, as an individual; to maintain an open atmosphere where direct communications assures the opportunity to contribute to the maximum of their potential; to compensate fairly by wage or salary; to promote on the basis of capability; and to practice the commonly accepted policies of equal opportunity and affirmative action

Shareholders - To have our shareholders prosper and in doing so, make N.D.P.T. an attractive investment.

Community - To be a good corporate citizen by contributing to the economic and social well being of the community. N.D.P.T. encourages employees to actively participate in community affairs.

Growth - To grow in sales and earnings in a financially sound manner so as to assure achievement of our purpose.

Organization - To organize the company to optimize efficient service to our customers. To do this we must delegate operational responsibility and authority to the lowest practicable levels.

Suppliers - To develop relationships with suppliers that will utilize their talents in team approaches aimed at advancing the state of the art, developing better values, improving expertise and quality in a fashion that is mutually satisfactory with no conflict of interest.